As Treasurer, Shawn will continue to put his passion for public service and experience with complicated financial and investment issues to work for the people of Connecticut. He will use real experience to get real results.

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Those that have known me throughout the years are familiar with my deep desire to serve the people of Connecticut. The many friends who have urged me to consider this significant challenge and honor have humbled me.

My life's work is protecting and maximizing the savings of working people.
I’ve been an attorney for more than 20 years and spent the better part of those years advising on public pension plan investments, an area I now lead for my firm.

Every day, I advise institutions on how to protect investments and pursue socially responsible outcomes. And despite protest from my youngest son at dinner time, I constantly talk about the importance of planning and saving for the future.

My passion began at home watching my parents work tirelessly to give their 6 children opportunities they never had.

As a father now of two young boys, I’ve come full circle in knowing what it’s like to worry about the future of people you love the most.

Connecticut’s Treasurer manages nearly $60 billion in public assets in an ever-evolving financial landscape. Doing so effectively takes a strong financial background, real experience in public policy, high ethical standards and, sometimes, the ability to find consensus.

As the former President of the Hartford City Council and Chairman of the Council’s budget and finance committee, I know very well how difficult it is to balance a budget in challenging times, with competing agendas, while maintaining a commitment to growth and opportunity that can often seem elusive.

In the coming weeks and months, I will share my ideas to seek your support and listen to your thoughts on how I can best serve you and our state.

Thank you and I hope you join me on this important journey.