As Treasurer, Shawn will continue to put his passion for public service and experience with complicated financial and investment issues to work for the people of Connecticut. He will use real experience to get real results.

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I am running for State Treasurer because Connecticut is facing enormous  challenges and opportunities, and have the strong financial background, real experience in public policy, high ethical standards and ability to find consensus that our state needs right now.

My life's work has been protecting the retirement security of working people through advising public pension plans.

That experience has fully prepared me to do the same for the thousands of workers and residents impacted by the Treasurer’s investments and the nearly $60 billion in public assets under the office’s purview.

I see the Treasurer’s job as being much more than the state’s chief stock-picker.

The office of has a duty to maximize investment returns and minimize risk to the pension funds. But I strongly believe the Treasurer’s investments should reflect and execute our shared priorities to move our state forward.

That is why the focus of my campaign and my service as Treasurer will be on targeting investments that create jobs, improve our infrastructure and strengthen our education system – all critical priorities for the future of our state. 

My passion for helping others began at home, watching my parents work tirelessly to give their six children opportunities they never had.

Now as the father of two young boys, I’ve come full circle in knowing what it’s like to worry about the future of the people you love the most.

Our state is very much in need of a new direction that will create an environment where all our residents can thrive.

I hope you will join me in charting that new direction forward by supporting my candidacy with your vote on November 6, when I will be honored and humbled to become your next State Treasurer.