Wooden Thanks Supporters, Voters After Primary Victory

(HARTFORD, CT) - Democratic nominee for State Treasurer Shawn Wooden issued the following statement thanking his supporters and Democratic voters after his victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, Aug. 14. 

“Tonight’s victory is for every kid who grew up like I did – in a neighborhood where you first have to focus on survival before you can even dream of success. 

It’s a victory for everyone who has lost a loved one to gun violence and wants our state to stop investing in gun manufacturers. 

It’s a victory for every family who wants our state to invest wisely – in education, in infrastructure, in an economy that works for Main Street, not Wall Street. 

It’s a victory for every worker who deserves the promise of a protected pension. 

I’m proud to be the only candidate in this race with experience protecting pensions for working people – and the only candidate with a record of public service who has spent his career fighting for working families. 

I believe in economic justice, in fairness and in equality.  

I am a proud Democrat who knows that Democratic values and priorities reflected up and down the ballot are the best way forward. 

I thank Democrat voters for believing me in me today, and for everything we will do together in the months ahead.”